The Guide To Pricing
Your New Kitchen

Flexible options for kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Kitchen Remodeling & Finish Levels

We offer a range of options for all aspects of your new dream kitchen. While every project is unique, the 3 main pricing levels below will give you a good idea of what to expect for each budget range accordingly. 

What level of kitchen is best for me?

Remodeling your kitchen can bring an entirely new feel and energy to your home, and there are obviously a lot of different aspects to consider. Our Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans can help you navigate all of these choices and give you an easy starting point to plan a project that fits both your ‘must haves’ and ‘great to haves’ into a budget that also works for your personal requirements.

Silver Level Kitchens

Silver level kitchens may rearrange the cabinetry within the existing space.  We will keep your existing flooring if possible.  You’ll keep some or all of your current appliances.  The appliances and sink will need to stay in the same locations to avoid moving electrical and plumbing.  Cabinetry will be good quality and have basic features like roll trays in lower cabinets, pullout trash cans and tray dividers.  Countertops will be level 1 granite or solid color quartz.  Backsplash will be a simple pattern, such as subway tile.

Example Images of Silver Level Kitchen Projects

Gold Level Kitchens

Gold level kitchens may involve moving non load bearing walls and soffits.  We will refinish hardwood floors in the kitchen area or add new LVP flooring.  You’ll have mostly new appliances.   We may relocate some appliances, but the sink will stay in the same place or be moved along the existing plumbing line.  Cabinetry will be better quality and have basic features and additional features such as appliance storage or custom drawer inserts.  Countertops can be mid level granite or quartz with some pattern or veining.  Your backsplash can be a more intricate tile pattern or have accent tile.

Example Images of Gold Level Kitchen Projects

Platinum Level Kitchens

A Platinum level kitchen often will involve structural modifications such as removing load bearing walls.  We may make drastic changes to the layout.  New wood or tile flooring will be added or existing hardwood floors will be fully refinished.  You’ll choose high-end appliance brands.  Usually, most appliances are moved and often additional appliances such as a beverage fridge or icemaker is added.  The main sink may also be moved, a prep sink and/or potfiller may be included.  Cabinetry will be the best quality and highly customized with many special features.  Countertops will be high-end quartz or natural quartzite.

Example Images of Platinum Level Kitchen Projects

What Size Is My Kitchen Considered?

It can sometimes be difficult to know where your kitchen might fall on the sizing scale. You may have more cabinetry in a small space, or perhaps a very large and open kitchen with fewer installations, but in a galley style. You can use the below guidelines to get a little better of an idea about which category your project may fall under.

Small Kitchens

Just because you have a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Here are some of the key criteria that generally determine if your kitchen falls into the Small Kitchen category.

  • Galley style
  • G-shape (peninsula)
  • Less than 15 cabinets
  • Fridge, Dishwasher, Range, Over the range microwave

Example Images of Small Kitchen Projects

Medium Kitchens

Most homes and kitchens fall into the medium to large size categories. If your kitchen matches most of the below descriptions this will likely be a good budget estimate range for your project:

  • 2-3 walls of cabinets with small to medium island seating 2-3
  • 15-22 cabinets
  • Fridge, Dishwasher, cooktop, wall oven, built-in microwave

Example Images of Medium Kitchen Projects

Large Kitchens

We love large projects, and size is no obstacle for the SheBuilds Team. A kitchen that meets the below description would fall into the large category in this pricing guide.

  • 3 walls of cabinetry
  • 20+ cabinets
  • Large island seating 4-8
  • Fridge, 1 or 2 dishwashers, larger cooktop, Double wall ovens, built-in microwave, beverage fridge, icemaker

Example Images of Large Kitchen Projects

This All Looks Great. How Do I Get Started?

We are invested in making your new kitchen beautiful and are ready to hear from you anytime. If you haven’t already, please also take a look at our other core project information to help make sure we can give you the most value during your upcoming consultation. If you’re ready to go ahead and jump into your project, please request a consultation to get started!

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